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This workshop has been adapted for the ONLINE format.  It encourages art students to create multivalent rich poetic images to use as a base to create a final audio or visual interpretation. The poetry process evolves organically through a metaphorical pathway of interpretation where the boundary of meaning is pushed into all sorts of spaces that captures the individual’s conscious and unconscious experiences which is then presented in literary and visual terms.  Dr Ryan developed a 7-step poetry methodology designed to explore the potential of poetic metaphors which inform, inspire and provoke new innovative visual ideas.  This workshop has been presented to art students at a number of universities most recently UWTSD and its success was reflected in the following feedback:

  • Encourages student participation-99%.     

  • Enhances research practice-92.5% 

  • Enhances creative thinking-95%.               

  • Enhances wellbeing-93%

Testimonials may be found here:




"Dr Ryan's approach to teaching/experiencing poetry is revolutionary for the person! It magnifies the individual student: in his/her own personal engagement with words and meanings; thus increasing confidence and sense of potential. Dr Ryan's classes are experiential, 'holographic' and enjoyable. It was especially interesting that she taught me - a Post Graduate Art Student - and through her work I feel I understand VISUAL meaning better now than I did before her class!" 

Gareth Michael Davies (MA student UWTSD)

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