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Creative Thinking in Research

This workshop encourages PhD researchers to utilise creative methods to innovate new ideas in their research.


This workshop, available in both online and on-campus formats, offers a valuable opportunity for PhD researchers and postgraduates to enhance their research through creative innovation.
Guided by the expertise of Dr. Catriona Ryan in poetic language and creative thinking, participants are encouraged to embrace a fresh perspective on their research endeavours.  This workshop equips participants with practical tools and skills to elevate their research development.
Creative Design

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion, participants can expect the following benefits:
  • Increased confidence in generating innovative ideas, enabling them to push the boundaries ofknowledge ​
  • Effective stress management techniques, empowering participants to navigate the challenges and demands of the research process.
  • ​Effectively communicate the value and impact of their research.​
  • By actively engaging in this workshop, participants will acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to infuse their research with creativity.




Dr Ryan's approach to teaching/experiencing poetry is revolutionary for the person! It magnifies the individual student: in his/her own personal engagement with words and meanings; thus increasing confidence and sense of potential. Dr Ryan's classes are experiential, 'holographic' and enjoyable. It was especially interesting that she taught me - a Post Graduate Art Student - and through her work I feel I understand VISUAL meaning better now than I did before her class!

Gareth Michael Davies, MA Student, UWTSD

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