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creative thinking in research

This ONLINE and ON-CAMPUS course explores the art of creative thinking as a way to enhance research and its multi/interdisciplinary potential.  The focus is on using poetry and art as a way to enhance multidisciplinary.  This workshops also provides creative strategies to reduce stress and enhance wellbeing.   At the end of every workshop there will be a pop-up exhibition.  In April 2019 I ran this workshop for academic staff and research support staff at Swansea University.  The feedback was very positive and here is the video of the end-of-workshop pop-up exhibition:


The collage is from my workshop held for academic staff at Bath Spa University in 2020.

Learning Outcomes

·       Enhanced skills in innovating new ideas in research 

·       Enhanced skills in developing multidisciplinary thinking in


·       Enhanced knowledge of how to deal with stress

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