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The Networking Day consists of two workshops:
Conference Networking/Write a Conference Paper-3 hours

This workshop provides useful guidelines on the best ways to overcome anxiety and enhance a student’s networking experience at academic conferences.  It includes the elevator pitch competition which is a fun strategy designed to enhance the development of an effective first impression. This workshop also provides an anxiety-reducing approach to structuring and writing a conference paper and abstract.

The Entrepreneurial Mindset/Multidisciplinary Engagement Seminar-3 hours

This workshop explores various entrepreneurial thinking ideas and strategies to expand research engagement. The art of networking as a research lead is examined (via role play) using our Multidisciplinary Engagement Seminar Model.  

Feedback from PGR students about our Networking Day at:

Durham Global Challenges-CDT Doctoral Programme reported a 40% increase in

confidence in networking after the Networking Day.

networking day

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