Stress Reduction Techniques

This ON-CAMPUS and ONLINE course focuses on developing anxiety-reducing and confidence building strategies to enhance the research experience.  The workshop will exploreself care around  and within the research process.

Feedback from PGRs about this course at:


In late 2019 I ran this workshop over a period of three days for up to 80 new science PhD students from LIDO (Doctoral Training Partnership) based at UCL.  Feedback from those workshops averaged between 25-30% increase in confidence in coping with the PGR Research journey.

Online Workshop for the social lockdown period

This course for PhD and Postgraduate students is designed to help students build resilience while under lockdown. The ONLINE version has  proven to be very popular since lockdown started.


Learning Outcomes:

  • Enhanced confidence in dealing with stress

  • Enhanced knowledge of utilising time management strategies as a method of reducing anxiety

  • Enhanced knowledge of the impact of mindfulness as a means to reduce stress and increase concentration levels.

  • Enhanced knowledge of the power of creativity to reduce anxiety

Calm woman relaxing meditating with lapt