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In the last few years the UK HE sector has been under pressure to provide world class student experience.  Due to the impact of high fees students have become consumers demanding a higher quality of service reflecting value for money.  In the 2017 National Student Survey (NSS) the general consensus from undergraduate students is that the university experience is not justifying the high fees students have to pay.  This issue also applies to Masters and Doctoral students where the same concerns have been raised in the respective Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey (PTES) and Postgraduate Research Experience Survey (PRES) surveys.  

The focus of Scriptor Cube Ltd. is to address these issues by offering  WEBINAR/ON-CAMPUS COURSES featuring research training, study skills & entrepreneurial training. The courses will run from 2 hr sessions and will be available as on-campus workshops or via webinar. One-day STUDENT NETWORKING DAYS are also offered to postgraduates and undergraduates and pre-university students to encourage student engagement and enhance interdisciplinary creative thinking.  Postgraduate and undergraduate SUMMER SCHOOL PACKAGES are also on offer either on-campus or via webinar and they provide a wonderful opportunity to engage distance students, enhance student confidence, encourage interdisciplinary engagement and possible research collaborations.  The CREATIVE NETWORKING MODULE  CREATIVE NETWORKING MODULE  2  are new flexible courses designed to enhance student networking skills which can be integrated into any course module or accredited system.

Dr Ryan is always available as a post-workshop consultant to support with student progression.



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Our Wellbeing in Research and Writing workshops for students are designed to reduce anxiety and build confidence in Academic Writing, Creative Thinking in Research and Creative Networking.  We also provide workshops in Stress Reduction Techniques.

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