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Key Benefits:

  • Courses are provided by an expert in student experience development who is also a published  academic with an international standing

  • The course models provided were developed by Dr Ryan and have been successfully employed in the university sector

  • Courses can complement existing course modules

  • Webinars save a lot of administrative time

  • An effective way to engage distance learners

  • Flexibility: These courses are available anytime outside of the intense course structure provided in-house


Our popular workshops for students and staff range from 3 hour to 6 hour sessions.  We also run Networking Days and Summer Schools.  Our core programmes include areas such as Academic Writing, Creative Thinking in Research, Stress Reduction Techniques and Multidisciplinary Engagement and enhancing skills in these areas through the incorporation of wellbeing.  


The success of these courses are reflected in the feedback data (from workshop participants) which has often produced over a 25% increase in confidence in any one of the core workshops on offer.  In April 2019 one PGR group at Cardiff University registered a 43% increase in confidence in Academic Writing as a result of participating in our workshop.

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