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Build Confidence in Academic Writing & Research 
On-Campus/Online Workshops for PhD Researchers 

what we have done

We have engaged 40+ UK Universities, 2 American Universities, 2 Irish University, 1 Dutch University, 10+ Doctoral Training Partnerships (UK) & 10+ Centres for Doctoral Training (UK)

These practice-based workshops, led by Dr. Catriona Ryan SFHEA, provide participants with valuable opportunities to make substantial progress in their chapters and papers. Dr. Ryan's engaging teaching approach fosters an environment where workshop participants feel motivated to compose their thesis chapters and papers. Within this positive learning setting, emphasis is also placed on the significance of wellbeing within the academic writing and research process.
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Get to Know Us

Scripture Cube® is a UK Higher Education company specialising in PhD and Postgraduate education.  Our on-campus and online workshops incorporate unique confidence-building strategies into the practice of academic writing and research. Our workshops are designed for Doctoral training groups, PhD researchers, and postgraduates. Our innovative approach, led by Dr Catriona Ryan SFHEA, has earned us a strong reputation among universities in the UK and internationally

Josh Dean, PhD Student, Sheffield Hallam University

A brilliant start to the week with a highly insightful session on managing stress, anxiety & academic writing from Dr Catriona Ryan @scriptorcube.  Thank you so much for your insight and knowledge Catriona.

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