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Build Confidence in Academic Writing & Research 
On-Campus/Online Workshops for PhD Researchers 

what we have done

We have engaged 40+ UK Universities, 2 American Universities, 2 Irish Universities, 1 Dutch University, 10+ Doctoral Training Partnerships (UK) & 10+ Centres for Doctoral Training (UK)

These practice-based workshops, led by Dr. Catriona Ryan SFHEA, provide participants with valuable opportunities to make substantial progress in their chapters and papers. Dr. Ryan's engaging teaching approach fosters an environment where workshop participants feel motivated to compose their thesis chapters and papers. Within this positive learning setting, emphasis is also placed on the significance of wellbeing within the academic writing and research process.

A. Meyer, PhD Student in Mathematics, University of Manchester

"Dr. Ryans seven steps are a great approach to writing. Writing has always been a fear of mine, throughout undergrad, masters, and the first 2 years of PhD. After attending Dr. Ryan's workshop I feel, for the first time ever, confident in writing my thesis. And to my big surprise, I started to enjoy it. Highly recommend the workshop!"
R. Kumar,  PhD student 
London School of Economics 
 ''It was a refreshing, rejuvenating and wonderful day with you on Academic Writing Reducing Anxiety. I wish I could have more lectures and full day sessions with you again. It opened my eyes to a new world and enhanced my writing skills in order to work out on a scholarly article.''

K. Lyle, PhD Student, University of New Hampshire (USA)

"Thank you, Dr Ryan! The workshop was amazing. Breaking the process down into the seven steps is so genius! I almost can’t wait to start my first paper this semester. Having the seven steps as my weapon really does reduce anxiety and I haven’t even put them into real-time use. I’m grateful for people like you."
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