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I can vouch for these sessions by @Scriptorcube as being one of the most valuable experiences of my 3 year PhD journey. 7 steps to academic writing - highly recommended! 

Andy Graham, PhD Student, Teeside University/University Alliance (12 UK universities)

I just wanted to say thank you again for the session yesterday-it was game-changing for me.  I have struggled a lot with writing and for the first time (probably ever) today I sat down to a writing-related task that I had planned to do without procrastinating and even quite looking forward to it!  The warmth and energy that you bring to presenting the material just adds to how accessible and unintimidating it is, and I am really grateful.

Hermione Townsend, PhD Student, Royal College of Art

Very much enjoyed the @wrdtp Academic Writing workshop today lead by @scriptorcube.  Thank you.

Helen Brown, PhD Student, White Rose Doctoral Training Partnership

From establishing the focus of the text, to mastering how to expand out from this, to define, analyse and argue it and then finally bringing it back to a sound and focused conclusion, Catriona's mastery in this and delivery in how you can do it, is fantastically, enthusiastically and colourfully and inspirationally contagious. Wow! I believe now I can do this!

Joy Frost, MA Student, UWTSD

Absolutely fantastic workshop. DelightedI could make it.  Has really paved the way in helping me clarify my thoughts on the direction of my thesis.  Thank you Catriona!!

April Murray-Cantwell, PhD Student, Sheffield Hallam University/University Alliance (12 universities)

Wonderful sessions today with @QMUuniversity and @scriptorcube-thank you, especially to Dr Catriona Ryan for your fun, inspiring workshop on academic writing!

Caroline Anderson Hussey, PhD Student, Queen Margaret University

Great webinar workshop this afternoon on writing for publication with @scriptorcube.  Some really useful tips and a great space to practice some writing and such an infectious personality for an online session :)) Thank you.

Darren Hudson, DClinRes, University of Exeter

Thank you for your class, I was present in a workshop for my BA also and today again I found the challenges engaging! Thank you for your presence you are a complete inspiration!!

Kai Wayne Holland, MA Student, UWTSD

I never thought I would be able to write a poem based on my research :) It has been an amazing process, thanks @scriptorcube

Laura Sirabella, PhD Student, University Alliance (12 universities)

A brilliant start to the week with a highly insightful session on managing stress, anxiety & academic writing from Dr Catriona Ryan @scriptorcube.  Thank you so much for your insight and knowledge Catriona.

Josh Dean, PhD Student, Sheffield Hallam University

Thank you @scriptorcube.  It was great.

Carolyne Lunga, PhD Student, City, University of London

Thank you for an amazing workshop today @scriptorcube! Very helpful!

Sherly Meilianti, PhD Student, UCL

I love today's #AcWrifest20 session with @scriptorcube! 3 hours workshop about reducing anxiety in academic writing.  As an anxious person, I feel secure following all the steps! Thanks, Catriona!

Christ Billy Aryanto, PhD Student, University of Sheffield

Fantastic! Thank you! It was very helpful.  I already feel a lot calmer!

Thomas Chambers, PhD Student, University of Greenwich

@scriptorcube Thank you for your fabulous workshop. Brilliant! You've eased me into a kinder headspace.

MA Student, UWTSD

Wonderful workshop about doctoral writing: how to reduce writing anxiety? Thanks Dr. Ryan!! Great learning environment, amazing tips and writing exercises

PhD Student, Exeter University

Really enjoyed the "reducing anxiety in writing course" today at @ucl. Great practical advice.  Looking forward to putting it into practice later this week. @GoshOrchid

Ian Simcock, PhD Student, UCL

Thank you so much @scriptorcube for the wonderful @UA_DTA elective on Creative Thinking in Research.  Never thought I would be able to write  poems on my research work.

Srinidhi Koya, PhD Student,  Teeside University/University Alliance (12 universities)

Dr Ryan's approach to teaching/experiencing poetry is revolutionary for the person! It magnifies the individual student: in his/her own personal engagement with words and meanings; thus increasing confidence and sense of potential. Dr Ryan's classes are experiential, 'holographic' and enjoyable. It was especially interesting that she taught me - a Post Graduate Art Student - and through her work I feel I understand VISUAL meaning better now than I did before her class!

Gareth Michael Davies, MA Student, UWTSD

As collaborative fine artists, we celebrate and implement a wide range of techniques and methods in our multi-disciplinary practice. We have been lucky enough to participate in Catriona Ryan’s poetry methodology workshop on more than one occasion and each time have been enthused by Catriona's teaching and astounded by the ability of the methods being taught to produce such a variation of quality creative outcomes.

Becky & Jason (artist)-PhD students UWTSD

I really enjoyed the 'Academic Writing - Reducing Anxiety' workshop led by the lovely Catriona Ryan from

@Scriptorcube last week. What a helpful session, with very specific recommendations which will support me for the rest of my writing career!

Thank you Catriona! 

Caroline Becke, PhD Student University of Sheffield

Dr Catriona Ryan is one of the most inspirational teachers I have ever come across, principally because she has developed a system by which her own constantly curious and inventive brain can produce teaching ‘events’ which are charged with the conversion of information into creativity. I have certainly become a better teacher from working with her and taking on her techniques, which I believe are both contemporary and innovative and in terms of the aforementioned ‘indirect pedagogy’ can be summed up in three words, infectious, enthusiasm and skilled. She has given me glimpses of a new form of performative teaching, which I believe keeps my own pedagogic practice vital. A glowing testimonial, not given lightly.

Dr Paul Jeff, UWTSD

Dr Catriona Ryan is a fantastic workshop leader and academic tutor.  I was fortunate enough to participate in a recent workshop on Enhanced Academic Writing, led by Catriona, at the Cardiff University Doctoral Academy and was totally inspired by her passion for academic writing.  Catriona led the workshop with great energy and positivity, and illustrated how her methods of organising a thesis were applicable to all fields of study.  Her methods of breaking down large topics into manageable sizes are superb and certainly help anyone feeling a little anxious by the magnitude of the writing task ahead.  I also joined a webinar session with Catriona, in a question and answer format, and found her to be brilliantly communicative and helpful.  She is an absolute must for any University student.

Fleur Bray, PhD Student, Cardiff University

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