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This workshop is specifically designed to provide PhD researchers with effective strategies for reducing anxiety and boosting confidence within the research process.  


This workshop offers a comprehensive exploration of how positive mind management strategies can enhance research practices. The programme is based on Dr. Ryan's own experience of managing stress as a PhD student. 

Dr. Catriona Ryan SFHEA will be the facilitator of the session.


Available on-campus or online as a 3-hour session or integrated into a Focused Academic Writing: Develop Clarity & Confidence 2/3-day writing retreat. 

Workshop Details 

This workshop emphasises the benefits of practising self-compassion for PhD researchers, enabling them to approach their doctoral journey with a positive mindset. The practice of self-compassion holds immense benefits within and around the PhD journey, helping to alleviate the pressures and self-criticism often associated with the demanding nature of the PhD process. 

 Practicing self-compassion throughout the PhD journey creates an environment of psychological safety and encourages a culture of empathy, understanding, and mutual support among PhD researchers, fostering a sense of belonging and community.

Focus is centred on: 

Self-care around the research process

Self-care within the research process

The programme includes: 

  • Group sharing about experiences with stress

  • Academic dissociation: reducing anxiety that causes academic writer's block or procrastination

  • Mindfulness & the body: using the body as a way to reduce stress and facilitate enhanced confidence around the research process

  • Non-research approaches to reducing anxiety

  • Mindfulness approaches to academic writing

  • Stress-reducing approaches to the research process

  • Mindfulness approaches to time-management and planning

Learning Outcomes


Reducing anxiety around the research process


Time-management techniques as a method to reduce anxiety


Encourage and improve the practice of self- care within the research process


The impact of mindfulness on academic writing and research practices

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Dr Catriona Ryan

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