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Our Creative Thinking in Research workshop is a valuable tool to enhance postgraduate researcher development. It encourages PhD researchers to utilise creative methods to innovate new ideas in their research, a process that is gaining popularity within the academic community.


This workshop invites students to adopt an unconventional research approach. Dr. Ryan's unique strategy draws from personal experience of composing poetry whilst undertaking her PhD in Irish Literature & Critical Theory. She observed that writing poetry had a significant impact on her research, sharpening her critical and innovative thinking. 

Dr. Catriona Ryan SFHEA will be the facilitator of the session.


Available on-campus or online as a 3-hour session or integrated into a Focused Academic Writing: Develop Clarity & Confidence 2/3-day writing retreat. 

Workshop Details 

By situating their work within a creative framework, students can leverage the multi-faceted interpretative power of poetic language, encouraging use of lyrical language relevant to their research to unlock its innovative potential. 

The workshop also heavily focuses on student wellbeing, as engaging creatively has been shown to alleviate stress and promote group collaboration.

Learning Outcomes


Enhance confidence in innovating new research ideas


Engagement in inter/multidisciplinary thinking in research


Effective stress-management techniques 


Communicate the value and impact of their research

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