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Academic Writing: Reduce Anxiety Retreat

This academic writing retreat provides support to PhD researchers who want to spend a few days writing their thesis chapters or papers.  

This Academic Writing: Reduce Anxiety Retreat adopts an innovative approach to academic writing, emphasizing intense focus on chapter development.
The retreat is led by Dr. Catriona Ryan SFHEA, who provides a supportive environment for PhD researchers to work on their thesis chapters or papers.


More Retreat Details

The Academic Writing: Reduce Anxiety Retreat offers the flexibility of on-campus or online delivery.  

The retreat is available as either a 2-day or 3-day event.  While both options have similar structures the 3-day event offers participants an extended duration to focus on their writing.​​

I just wanted to say thank you again for the session yesterday-it was game-changing for me.  I have struggled a lot with writing and for the first time (probably ever) today I sat down to a writing-related task that I had planned to do without procrastinating and even quite looking forward to it!  The warmth and energy that you bring to presenting the material just adds to how accessible and unintimidating it is, and I am really grateful.

Hermione Townsend, PhD Student, Royal College of Art

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