We run 1 and 2-Day Summer School workshops for Doctoral students.  Here is an example of a 2-Day Summer School: 

Day 1: Academic Writing: Reduce Anxiety (Morning)-

An intense practical 3-hour course where students will write the core elements of a thesis chapter using a new academic writing method designed to build confidence. For new PGR students the technique is also useful as a contextualization tool.

Day 1: Stress Reduction Techniques (Afternoon)

This 3-hour course focuses on developing anxiety-reducing and confidence building strategies to enhance the PGR research experience.  The workshop will explore time management, group sharing, self-care, mindfulness and creative approaches to research using gamification.  

Day 2: Creative Thinking in Research (Morning)

The 3-hour workshop encourages PGR students to take an unconventional approach to their research by contextualising it in a creative context using the multivalent potential of poetic language and using that lyrical language (related to their research) in a visual context such as drawing, sculpture or video.  This workshop provides postgraduate researchers with a valuable tool to enhance their research development.  The end of workshop activity is a pop-up exhibition where the PGR student will present poetic and visual interpretations of their research.

Day 2: Creative Multi-Disciplinary Engagement (Afternoon)

This 3-hour workshop for doctoral students focuses on creative approaches to enhancing multi-disciplinary thinking; how to harness new research ideas through multi-disciplinary engagement & creating opportunities by developing a multi-disciplinary academic networking seminar which includes national and international participation. 

In the summer of 2019 we ran a 2-day summer school for the White Rose DTP (Doctoral Training Partnership).  From the four courses we ran the feedback registered an average of 22% increase in confidence in academic writing and engaging more effectively with the PGR research journey.