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Stress Reduction Techniques in Research

This workshop is specifically designed to provide PhD researchers with effective strategies for reducing anxiety and boosting confidence within the research process.  

Based on Dr Catriona Ryan's past experience as a Phd researcher this workshop offers a comprehensive exploration of how positive mind management strategies can enhance research practices.
Through the combined application of mindfulness techniques and practical approaches in research, participants will learn about:
  • Practicing self-compassion in and around research practices
  • Engaging with theory
  • Tackling academic writing challenges
  • Navigating the complexities of reading scholarly papers
  • Self compassion and time management
Drawing upon her extensive experience in the PhD journey, Dr Catriona Ryan SFHEA, the workshop facilitator, brings a wealth of firsthand knowledge to guide participants through this transformative session.​​ 

Self-Compassion and the PhD Journey

This workshop emphasizes the benefits of fostering self-compassion for PhD researchers, enabling them to approach their doctoral journey with a positive mindset. The practice of self-compassion holds immense benefits within and around the PhD journey.  Engaging in self-compassion practices can help alleviate the pressures and self-criticism often associated with the demanding nature of the PhD process. It enables individuals to approach their work with a sense of support, nurturing their inner confidence and motivation.
Self-compassion offers a valuable tool for managing stress, reducing burnout, and maintaining a healthy work-life balance.  Practicing self-compassion throughout the PhD journey creates an environment of psychological safety, both within oneself and in interactions with others. It encourages a culture of empathy, understanding, and mutual support among PhD researchers, fostering a sense of belonging and community.

Learning Outcomes

Some of the learning outcomes from this workshop includes:
  • Enhanced confidence in dealing with stress
  • Enhanced knowledge of utilising time management strategies as a method of reducing anxiety
  • Enhanced knowledge of the impact of mindfulness as a means to reduce stress and increase concentration levels.
  • Enhanced knowledge of the impact of mindfulness on academic writing and research practices

PhD Researcher

I was part of the cohort yesterday who had a workshop with you on stress reduction during your PhD. I wanted to thank you for your time and energy you put into the session. I thought you were a very engaging speaker, and I enjoyed hearing about some of the really helpful techniques you had. I also found the session to be really relaxing, and grounding in terms of how PhD can make you feel, and knowing that these feelings are valid
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