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Academic Writing: Reduce Anxiety

Since 2018 this workshop has provided academic writing support to thousands of PhD researchers world-wide.  Based on Dr Catriona Ryan's unique approach this workshop is growing in popularity in the UK and internationally.
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This workshop addresses the academic writing challenges faced  by PhD researchers who are encouraged to work on a thesis chapter or paper.  Dr Ryan's unique approach to teaching academic writing is designed to foster confidence in the development of a coherent discursive framework and an academic writing style.  
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Workshop Details

Participants will have the opportunity to actively work on their thesis chapters or papers. The focus will be on the development of a well-structured discursive framework. There will also be dedicated writing periods. 

In academic writing, critical thinking plays a crucial role, and the program is specifically designed to cultivate this essential skill. Dr Ryan, an experienced academic, offers invaluable feedback and support, creating a supportive environment that helps participants refine the quality of their academic writing.

By actively participating in the academic writing program, participants will not only develop the confidence, clarity, and critical thinking skills necessary for successful academic writing but also gain a strong foundation in creating a well-structured and compelling discursive framework for a thesis chapter or paper.

Learning Outcomes

  • Boost confidence in academic writing.

  • Enhance the clarity and coherence of your PhD chapter paper

  • Academic writing demands critical thinking, and our program will guide you in cultivating this essential skill.

  • Fostering resilience, self-awareness, and positive coping strategies within the academic writing process.

  • Active participation is encouraged in our program, with interactive discussions playing a significant role.

Self Compassion in Academic Writing

Writer's block is a common challenge experienced by PhD researchers. That's why our program incorporates self-compassion strategies to address this issue. We firmly believe in cultivating a supportive and understanding mindset that not only helps you navigate writer's block with kindness and patience but also boosts your self-confidence.

1-1 Engagement

Having space for 1-1 engagement within the group dynamic. is also an important aspect of the programme​.  By incorporating private 1-1 engagement within the group dynamic of the program, we create a supportive learning environment. This balanced approach ensures that you receive the necessary support to thrive as an academic writer, while also fostering a sense of community and camaraderie within the program.​This aspect of our program is important as. It provides you with the individualized attention and support necessary to enable you to progress as an academic writer.
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More Workshop Details

Dr. Catriona Ryan SFHEA will be the facilitator of the session.  
The workshop is available as:  
a 3-hour session, 1-day workshop, or a 2/3-day writing retreat. 

The delivery options include both on-campus and online formats.

Andy Graham, PhD Student, Teeside University/University Alliance 

I can vouch for these sessions by @Scriptorcube as being one of the most valuable experiences of my 3 year PhD journey. 7 steps to academic writing - highly recommended! 

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