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Academic Writing: Reduce Anxiety


This is a popular workshop.  It is a practice-based course is centered on a unique 7-step approach, designed by Dr Catriona Ryan, to help PhD researchers and postgraduates build confidence as academic writers.  The 7-step method encourages participants to overcome anxiety issues with writing and leave the session with more confidence in the skill of creating a discursive analysis & improving style. Dr Ryan works in a PhD supervisory capacity guiding the PhD candidate’s development of a discursive framework for their chapters.  The workshop can be delivered in the following contexts for PhDs and postgraduates: 

1. ‘The Academic Writing: Reduce Anxiety’ workshop focuses on thesis chapters (all research areas).

2. Writing a qualitative journal article.

3. Writing a journal article using IMRAD (science).

4. A combined journal article writing workshop for qualitative & IMRAD structures is also provided. 

This workshop caters to all research areas.  There is a 3 hour, Full Day, 2-Day and 3-Day version of this workshop.  An important aspect of the workshop is Dr Ryan's engaging & encouraging teaching style which has been well received by participants during the covid period.  The feedback average for these workshops is a 25-30% increase in confidence in academic writing.




Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course students will have an enhanced confidence in:​

  • developing a discursive analysis

  • overcoming writer's block

  • developing a writing style

  • editing

  • writing a literature review

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