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PhD students report a 28% Increase in confidence in Academic Writing

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

Last week I ran my "Academic Writing: Reduce Anxiety' workshop for PhD students at the University of Exeter Doctoral college. The post-workshop feedback registered a 28% increase in confidence in academic writing. Here are some feedback comments from the phd students attending the workshop:

“The course was good for providing a structured approach to breaking down topics into digestible chunks.”

“Thank you for giving me the confidence that I can write a chapter easily.”

“The instructor explained and talked to us individually. This was so helpful.”

“Fantastic, really confidence building” “Made me sit down and get a structure in place!” “Enthusiastic and supportive”

Strength: How to start writing a chapter and the idea of a main argument and subtopics” Strength: The way the instructor was so helpful. She was asking the questions which can show me the direction of my arguments in writing

Strength: The strategy “I liked how the doctor was discussing our topics one-one. I also love her practical thinking and feedback as well.”

Strengths: Well focused; practical writing help; very useful”