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writing for publication


This ONLINE and ON-CAMPUS workshop is based on a new approach to academic writing designed to enhance confidence and reduce anxiety. It is an active writing workshop.  The focus is on developing the discursive analysis using a mindfulness method of breaking the argument down.  Dr Ryan  maintains an engaging approach to workshop group dynamics which includes ongoing 1-1  consultation throughout the session.

On completion of this course PGR students and Academic Staff will acquire a new skill in academic writing designed to reduce anxiety.  The is a 3 hour and 6 hour version of this course.


Students and Academic Staff should attend the course with a plan for a journal article and will leave with the discursive analysis planned down to the last paragraph with some paragraphs written. The session will include Dr Ryan's popular 7 step academic writing methodology for reducing anxiety during the writing process. 

Feedback from academic staff regarding this course includes:

  • (Dec 2019 Feedback) University College London Academic Staff reported a 43% increase in confidence in writing journal articles after attending this workshop.  (This group included qualitative and quantitative (IMRAD) academics)

Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of this course students will have more confidence in:

  • developing a discursive analysis

  • overcoming writer's block

  • developing a writing style

  • editing

  • writing an abstract for a journal article

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