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creative engagement for wellbeing


This is a creative workshop designed to enhance innovative thinking, wellbeing, build confidence in public speaking  and group engagement.  The focus of this workshop is on using poetry and art as a way to enhance ideation in learning and general wellbeing. 


At the end of every workshop there will be a pop-up exhibition.

A variation of this workshop has been presented to art at a number of universities (most recently UWTSD) and its success in encouraging engagement was reflected in the following feedback that the workshop:​​​​

  1. Encourages student participation-99%

  2. Enhances wellbeing-93%

  3. Enhances creative thinking-95%

Learning Outcomes

  • Enhanced skills in innovating new ideas  

  • Enhanced knowledge of how to deal with stress

  • Enhanced confidence-building skills in presenting ideas to a group and group engagement

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