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An Overview of Our On-Campus Success

Updated: Mar 16

My company recently launched an ONLINE services for Doctoral students and Academics. In the context of this new ONLINE development here is an overview of our ON-CAMPUS work to date. (We have now engaged 20 universities, 6 DTP Partnerships and 2 CDT Doctoral Training groups). My company, Scriptor Cube ltd, is the first Higher Ed company of its kind in the UK and Europe to combine wellbeing in research and academic writing workshops to Doctoral, Masters and Undergraduate students and also wellbeing in research and writing provision for research staff.

As an independent academic I established my company in January 2018. It provides innovative core practical research, learning and creative skills courses for all students and staff designed to enhance confidence in critical/interdisciplinary/creative thinking in research and academic writing skills where wellbeing is embedded into the teaching methodologies (of all courses). Many students struggle with academic writing anxiety or need to build confidence in networking, entrepreneurship, interdisciplinary engagement or creative approaches to research. Our company’s services are very much in line with the objectives of the Student Success Framework in research and learning for PGRs, Postgraduate and Undergraduate students and the Office for Students objectives in enhancing wellbeing in research and learning. We are developing a great reputation and have engaged 20 Universities, 6 DTP Partnerships and 2 CDT groups. We have caught the interest of others and are expanding rather quickly. I have have established regular engagements from Exeter Doctoral College, Cardiff Doctoral Academy, UCL Doctoral School, Greenwich University PGR Dept., UWTSD, Nine DTP, White Rose DTP, Lido DTP, GCRF Durham. You can view all our activities at various universities on LinkedIn and Twitter.

I have developed bespoke on-campus and online workshops (with wellbeing embedded into the teaching strategies) where for example students learn to write using a 7-step method I created which focuses on argument development, planning a chapter down to the last paragraph and how to write with confidence ( I also do an IMRAD version for science students). The uniqueness of this bespoke course is that anxiety-reducing techniques are embedded in my 7-step strategy. This method is a new approach to academic writing and it is having a significant impact on workshop participants. The students or academic staff spend a lot of the workshop writing their chapters using this technique which has proven to be very popular. I spend time with each student or academic fine-tuning their their discursive approach. Students and academics find this hands-on approach as supportive and very effective. Workshop participants virtually start and finish the core part of their essays, chapters or articles in my workshops. See student testimonials on our website: ‪‬.

I have published two articles contextualising the uniqueness of Scriptor Cube’s services in the HE Sector in University World News:


In the article I quote a feedback statistic from doctoral students at the Doctoral Academy at Cardiff University concerning the impact of my academic writing course and it reported an increase in confidence in writing by 30% after my course. A more recent workshop at Cardiff University registered a 43% increase in confidence in academic writing:

I also run 6 hour academic writing courses (using my reduced anxiety method) for academic research staff which at UCL has been very successful. Recently academic staff at UCL registered a 48% increase in confidence in writing after the workshop. The staff had an opportunity to complete a full plan of their articles with a detailed outline of an argument (down to the last paragraph) with some sections written.  Finding writing time in their academic life is limited so they appreciated the amount of work they undertook on the day. At De Montfort University the staff also registered 28% increase in confidence after the workshop:

I also run creative workshops for staff:

Last year I ran a workshop for 25 International Doctoral students from the Durham Global Challenges Centre for Doctoral Training (GCRF-CDT) at Durham University. My support includes the provision of on-campus and online 1-1 support. The latest feedback from my latest on-campus workshop there registered a 26% increase in confidence in academic writing.

I have also developed a great working relationship with BBSRC LIDO DTP where I provide academic writing workshops to late stage Doctoral science students. The feedback average from these workshops reported a 25% increase in confidence in academic writing. I also provide stress reduction workshops to BBSRC LIDO DTP Doctoral science students.

I ran a 3 hour ‘Stress Reduction in Research’ course for Doctoral students at the SWWDTP Doctoral Partnership which is composed of 5 universities.  The feedback from the course registered a 22% increase in confidence in research after the workshop.

I also run networking days and summer schools. This summer I taught a full 2 day summer school for the White Rose DTP. It got a great reception and the feedback averaged 22% increase in confidence in academic writing, creative thinking in research and enhanced confidence in the research journey:

Here is a video compilation of the summer school:

I ran a Networking Day for International Doctoral student from Durham Global Challenges Centre for Doctoral Training (GCRF-CDT) at Durham University and the feedback registered a 40% increase in confidence in networking. Here is a blog post I wrote about that experience:

Another popular course includes our ‘Creative Thinking in Research’ workshop. In March 2019 Doctoral Students at Cardiff University ended the workshop with a pop-up exhibition of poetic and art interpretations of their own research. The feedback from this workshop registered a 38% increase in confidence in the PGR student’s ability to enhance their innovative approach to their research:

Here is our video link: ‪‬.

I also ran this workshop recently for academic staff at Bath Spa University and it was a great success.

For a full overview o my activities just check out our LinkedIn posts over the past year.

As well as developing our On-Campus offering I am looking forward to delivering our new ONLINE service which was launched this weekend. For more information cont me at Thank you. Dr CatrIona Ryan SFHEA