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Embedding Wellbeing into Research Methodologies and Academic Writing--A New Approach

Scriptor Cube Ltd. is the first Higher Education company of its kind in the UK and Internationally to combine wellbeing in Research and Academic Writing workshops to Doctoral students and Postgraduates. We are now expanding our ONLINE provision to international universities.

As an independent academic I established my company in January 2018. These courses were designed to enhance confidence in critical, multi/interdisciplinary & creative thinking in research. The uniqueness of these workshops is that wellbeing is embedded into the teaching methodologies (unlike many other workshops where wellbeing is considered a separate dimension to the teaching of generic research methodologies and academic writing techniques.

Scriptor Cube’s workshops apply an original anxiety-reducing method to the research process itself by providing strategies designed to break down everything into bite-sized manageable chunks. Many research students struggle with academic writing anxiety and have benefited from this 7-step method. Scriptor Cube Ltd delivers courses which incorporate this method into 3 separate academic writing workshops: 1. Focuses on thesis chapters (all research areas). 2. Focuses on writing a qualitative journal article. 3. Focuses on writing a journal article using IMRAD.

Scriptor Cube’s other workshops focus on stress reduction techniques within the research process, building confidence in networking, entrepreneurship, multi/interdisciplinary engagement and creative approaches to research. These strategies were developed from my experience as a Doctoral Student 12 years ago. That period enhanced my understanding of the importance of tackling anxiety in the thesis writing & research process and the PhD research journey in general. These unique approaches have had a significant positive impact on PhD students in the UK. The feedback average for these workshops is a 25-30% increase in confidence in academic writing and the PhD research journey.

Scriptor Cube Ltd has currently engaged 25 Universities, 8 DTP Partnerships and 2 CDT groups.

All of Scriptor Cube’s activities can be followed on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Here are some recent social media reviews of these online workshops from PhD students: